“Monster of Amsterdam” gets life in prison for insurance scam murders

Lady Justice (Picture: Twitter/@danvelton). (Lady Justice (Picture: Twitter/@danvelton))

George H. will spend life in prison for in order to collect their life insurance in 2013, the court in Amsterdam ruled on Thursday.

According to the the court, H. acted in an unconscionable and calculating way. He was a confidant to the two victims, who relied on him because they spoke no Dutch.

H. knew one of the victims from his youth. He brought him over to the Netherlands and immediately took out life insurance and three funeral insurance policies for him. He died less than a month later. H. also took out life insurance for the other victim with himself as beneficiary. This man died a few weeks later. In addition to the murders, H. also tried to commit fraud and various life insurance companies by twice faking his own death.

The sentence corresponds to what the Public Prosecutor demanded.