Report: Motorcycle gang running criminal training school

Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome). (Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome))

Investigating authorities have strong evidence that indicate that the Limburg branch of motorcycle gang Bandidos recruited members through "a criminal training school" housed in support club Chicanos, the Telegraaf reports based on confidential judiciary documents it managed to get hold of.

The young people in the support club engage in threats, drug offenses and violent offenses. When they have proven themselves as a member of Chicanos, they are considered for Bandidos membership.

The investigators believe that Bandidos member Jacky H. from Heerlen played a coordinating role in creating the Chicanos-chapter. A raid on his home revealed Chicanos patches and a vest. Text messages between Bandidos members also talk about H. being transferred to Chicanos "to  show the boys the ropes a bit".

There is also evidence of H. giving orders to Rayleon "Rasta" S. - then still a member of Chicanos, now a Bandidos member, for a pickup in Roermond.