Netherlands terrorist attack inevitable, says police chief

Gerard Bouman (Photo: Commons)Gerard Bouman (Photo: Commons)

A terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a question of when, not if, according to National Police Chief Gerard Bouman. "I am convinced that one is on the way", the departing police chief said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

Bouman described the Netherlands as an "oasis" in Europe. "One of the few places where no attack was carried out." He believes this can be attributed to the fact that the Dutch police is connected with society, and he is concerned that the financial and capacity problems in the police will hamper that - that community officers will be removed from their neighborhoods to ease the capacity pressue. "We must not lose contact in the district. And the picture that danger of terrorism comes from outside, is belied by the recent attacks", the police chief said.

Bouman also revealed that the police are currently handling 82 active counterterrorism investigations. And that hundreds of ordinary police officers are secretly trained and prepared for handling heavy weapons in an attack.

Gerard Bouman announced his resignation as Chief of the National Police in October. He will be stepping down on February 1st.



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