Netherlands expects 70,000 asylum cases in 2016

A total of 70 thousand asylum seekers are expected in the Netherlands next year, according to Statistics Netherlands. That is 29 percent of the total number of immigrants expected to be added to the Dutch population.

This involves asylum seekers who register as a resident of the Netherlands. Some of them are already in the country and going through their asylum procedure, some will only arrive next year. As the number of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands next year is uncertain, it is difficult to forecast the population growth in the Netherlands with certainty, according to Statistics Netherlands.

In addition to the the refugees, the statistics office also expects 170 thousand other migrants to come to the Netherlands. To a large extent this involves migrant workers and returning Dutch emigrants. A total of 151 thousand people are expected to emigrate, which brings the migration balance to 88 thousand people added to the Netherlands (immigration minus emigration).

A total of 173 thousand births are expected and 148 deaths, bringing the population growth due to natural increase to 25 thousand people. This means that the Dutch population will grow by a total of 113 thousand people next year. The population will pass the 17 million residents mark in the first half of the year.