Report: Corrupt cop caught giving info to pot plantation owners

Dutch police cap
Dutch police cap

Mark M., the police officer suspected of leaking confidential information to criminals, leaked criminal investigation information to people suspected of being involved in organized cannabis cultvation in Limburg and Brabant. This resulted in the investigation hitting a dead end, sources around the corruption suspect told EenVandaag.

The cannabis plantation owners removed all incriminating materials from their nursery shorlty before the police raided it. The police are now investigating whether this was due to a tip from M.

Police surveillance teams also saw Mark M. making a deal with what is believed to be his middleman on two separate occasions, sources close to the investigation told Limburg media. The surveillance teams saw him give to devices to Mark S., the suspected middleman. They did not see S. pay M.

M. is suspected of selling thousands of pages of confidential investigation information to criminals. According to newspaper AD, inside the police there were doubts about M.'s reputation even before he stated working at the National Detectives, where he had access to large amounts of confidential information. When he was transferred to the traffic police, his access to the confidential systems was not revoked.

Police Chief Gerard Bouman acknowledged that some serious errors were made surrounding M. These errors included him being appointed to a position of trust despite him not meeting the screening requirements. Which gave him authorization to gain access to confidential information, which was not revoked when he was removed from his position.


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