Banks aggravated by new rules and regulations

Banks want politicians to stop with the ever increasing rules and requirements for the sector. They fear that all these requirements will force them to implement extra fees on loans and mortgages.

The Dutch banks made this clear during a press conference arranged by bank dome NVB on Wednesday, the Telegraaf reports. The message of the conference was that much has changed in the sector since the outbreak of the crisis in 2008 and that banks are implementing improvements far beyond what many people are aware of.

"Don't get us wrong. The rules and additional capital requirements implemented in recent years are good.", said SNS CEO Maurice Oostendorp. He is concerned about new additional requirements still in the making.

According to Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING, the rules and supervision are designed to ensure that no accidents happen, not to make it harder for banks to perform their duties.

NVB chairman Chris Buijink acknowledged that there are still steps that need to be taken. But he stressed that further restoring confidence in the industry is not a matter of more rules.