Chris Buijink

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Apr 16 '20 18:24

Dutch banks have given financial support to some 105,000 entrepreneurs and 17,000 consumers since the outbreak of Covid-19 began in the Netherlands, the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) announced on Thursday. Yet, despite the extensiveness of these loan programs more than three-quarters of all small businesses in the country say they are running into financial difficulties, a survey from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) reveals.

Woman dealing with bills
Oct 30 '19 08:21

Banks in the Netherlands have joined the fight against problematic debts. From now on banks will refer customers who are regularly in the red to website Geldfit, where they can get help with managing their money problems. The same applies to customers who use up their savings quickly or miss payments on a bank loan, NOS reports.

Nov 26 '15 13:20

Banks want politicians to stop with the ever increasing rules and requirements for the sector. They fear that all these requirements will force them to implement extra fees on loans and mortgages.

houe for sale/sold sign
Apr 2 '15 11:03

According to the Dutch Association of Banks, it is easier for freelancers and self-employed people to get a mortgage loan than they might think. But according to Arjen Vrolijk of ZZP Nederland, bank employees and mortgage advisers do not always have the right knowledge to analyse their financial statements

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