Record 365,000 turnout at Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@ADE_NL). (Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 (Photo: Twitter/@ADE_NL))

The anniversary edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event was extremely successful, with 365 thousand people attending the 1,001 events with 2,289 artists and 485 speakers.

This is according to the event's website. The event peaked on Saturday night, with some 180 thousand people dancing at one of the events. Tickets were sold out for both nights of the biggest event - the two day Amsterdam Music Festival in the Arena.

According to the police, about 100 people were arrested on both days of the Amsterdam Music Festival, mostly for possession of hard drugs. A woman was found dead in an Amsterdam home on Friday. The police reported on Sunday that she died due to a drug overdose. She had used several types of drugs at an ADE party on Thursday night.

This year the ADE organizers worked closely with the municipality, police and addiction institution Jellinek to give to ADE attendees on the dangers of misusing drugs ad alcohol. Jellinek also moved their drug testing location to Amsterdam city center for the occasion and extended their opening hours. A spokesperson for Jellinek told NU that a total of 183 people had their drugs tested at the testing station, 36 of which were tourists.