Volkswagen apologizes for diesel scandal in Dutch newspapers

Volkswagen (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/The Car Spy)Volkswagen logo (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/The Car Spy)

On Thursday Volkswagen took out a full page advertisement in the major Dutch newspapers in which the company apologizes for the so-called diesel scandal and the environmental damage caused by it.

The ad is titled "shame red - anything but proud of our newest color". In it the company admits it made "a big mistake" with the use of software that made diesel cars seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are. The company promises to fix the problem for "every customer that is touched by it".

Volkswagen had to recall 11 million diesel cars fro new software because the emissions of harmful substances could be manipulated by the current software. This was used to bypass the American emission standards. It seems that the software causes the catalyst that turns harmful nitrogen oxcides into nitrogen and harmless gasses to heat up extra quickly. It is not clear whether this only happens during emission tests.

According to the Volkskrant, Volkswagen placed a similar ad in major German newspapers earlier this month.