Highway murder witnessed by car club, men's choir


Police investigating the shooting death of an unidentified man in De Meern, Utrecht say they hope to determine what led to the violent murder by speaking with witnesses who were in the parking lot at the time. Photos and video from the scene off Meerndijk show a light colored modern Fiat 500 with five bullet holes in the passenger door panel, and the passenger door window completely shattered.

No suspects are in custody for the shooting, believed to have taken place just after 10pm on Saturday, police stated. Witnesses at the scene found the bullet-riddled white Fiat 500 sitting in the parking lot. The unidentified male occupant did not survive the hail of gun fire that destroyed his vehicle.

About 50 Peugeot car enthusiasts were in the parking lot at the time, an area police said is sometimes used for drug trafficking and car theft, according to local media reports.

“They witnessed a tragedy. There was not much left of his head.”, said 34-year-old Auke Kapitein to De Stentor. Members of men's choir Soli Deo Gloria, based in Urk, pulled over at the rest stop on their way back from London

On the tour bus, people thought fireworks were going off, Kapitein told AD. Some on the bus saw the shooting and the passengers traveling with Kapitein took cover.

Forensic investigators gathered evidence at the scene before allowing people parked in the lot, and workers from the neighboring fast food and cafe locations, to leave the area.