Suspicious package forces supermarket evacuation amid bomb threats

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The Jumbo supermarket on Pastoor van Thiellaan in Rosmalen had to be evacuated on Friday after the discovery of a suspicious package, the police announced on Twitter. Experts are examining the package.

According to the police, the Explosive Ordnance Explosive team is at the scene. The fire brigade and an ambulance are also present as a precaution.

It is unclear whether suspicious package is in any way linked to the incidents with explosives at Jumbo stores in Groningen and Zwolle. The perpetrator behind those attacks is trying to extort the supermarket chain for an amount in bitcoins.

On Thursday the police announced that extra security measures has been taken at all 579 Jumbo branches.

The police also released a large amount of information on the case in the hope that the public can aid them in their investigation. A spokesperson for the police confirmed on Friday morning that more than a hundred people have responded so far.

The police believe that the perpetrator is a man of between 20 and 40 years old and living in Groningen. They believe he is an “intelligent” man with knowledge of explosives, electronics and computer systems.