Report: Motorcycle gang associates beaten, extorted

Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)Bandidos (Picture: Twitter/@rathandsome)

Members of the Bandidos motorcycle club in Alkmaar and Limburg severely assaulted and extorted one of their own associates for thousands of euros.

This is according to the Telegraaf based on confidential judiciary documents. According to the newspaper, the man was taken into the gang's clubhouse, beaten with a rod and threatened with death. The documents identify the victims as Ben Omar K. from Haarlem, a "hang around" of the Alkmaar club.

K. wanted to break ties with the Bandidos in Alkmaar, but couldn't because he owed 6 thousand euros, partly because of an unsuccessful drug deal, RTV Noord-Holland reports.

The Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang has a very violent reputation. Witnesses and victims of Bandidos-related crimes are afraid to testify against the gang. Some even refuse to report crimes or press charges.

On May 27th the police arrested 19 people connected to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs after raiding 25 locations. Harrie Ramakers, the president of the Bandidos Limburg chapter, was among those arrested. According to the police, the members of this club are involved in a number of illegal activities involving, among other things, weapons, drugs and intimidation.