More attacks possible in Tunisia; Dutch tourists returning home

Authorities at the scene of the massacre on a Tunisian beach on Friday (Picture: Twitter/@TheAnonMessages)Authorities at the scene of the massacre on a Tunisian beach on Friday (Picture: Twitter/@TheAnonMessages)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has updated its travel advisory for Tunisia. The Ministry believes that more attacks may follow. Dutch travel agencies are bringing their travelers back to the Netherlands.

The Ministry adjusted its travel advise on Wednesday, discouraging all non essential travel to Tunisia. According to the advice, there is a risk of new attacks targeting Westerners and tourists and there is also a risk of kidnappings. "We have consulted all available sources and had discussions with embassies of other EU Member States", a spokesperson for the ministry told AD. "On that basis we found that groups of tourists at tourist locations are most at risk."

A gunman opened fire on a beach near the Tunisian city of Sousse on Friday, killing 38 people, including 30 Britons. So far 12 people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

There are currently still 275 Dutch people in Tunisia on the island of Djerba. These tourists traveled there through four travel agencies - Corendon, Sunweb, Thomas Cook and TUI. These tourists will be picked up by an airplane of the German airline Condor on Thursday and are expected to arrive in Amsterdam in the early evening, a spokesperson for Thomas Cook said to the AD.