Spy shop owner now facing money laundering charges

One2spy in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@AntarOmw2Succes). (One2spy in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@AntarOmw2Succes))

Farah el O., owner of spy shop One2spy in Amsterdam-West, has once again been arrested. This time on suspicion of laundering criminal money. 

According to Het Parool, 40 year old El O. was arrested on Tuesday last week as part of an investigation by the National Crime Squad. Both the Public Prosecutor and El O.'s lawyer, Sander Janssen, refused to comment on the case as El O. is being held in isolation - he is only allowed contact with his lawyer.

El O. is currently facing charges of illegal weapon trade from his, now closed, spy shop. During a massive police raid in February last year, the police found automatic weapons, illegal jammers, used to block radio and phone signals, and some unusual gadgets such as a Taser in the form of a lipstick. El O. firmly denies these charges.

Two weeks ago Prosecutor Gerard Sta demanded an 8 years prison sentence against El O. He believes that there is enough evidence to prove that El O., his assistant Hakim H. and six other co-defendands systematically delivered firearms and other prohibited devices to criminals.