Netherlands gives up extra greenhouse gas allowances

The Netherlands is planning to give up its unused, extra greenhouse gas allocation, the allowable amount the country may release into the atmosphere. In doing so, the Dutch government hopes to set an example to other countries in the European Union and those onboard with the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the Cabinet revealed in a statement on Tuesday.

The government believes it is equally important to adjust for the consequences of climate change as well as preventing it. "We have to be prepared for serious consequences that higher temperatures and more extreme weather have on agriculture, health and transport," Infrastructure Secretary Wilma Mansveld said.

There should be scope to adjust agreements in the future in response to global changes, and the Netherlands is pushing for flexible climate agreements. Thus, emerging countries that grow economically would also be able to contribute more in controlling the climate.

Businesses, cities and civic organizations should have a say in global climate arrangements, the cabinet says. Such global networks of concerned parties should bring in innovations and a more ambitious approach to climate change. There is also evidence that investing in the environment is an economic opportunity that creates sustainable growth, the government says.



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