Dutch woman stuck in "cage of death" over hungry Aussie crocodile

A saltwater crocodile at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Mutante). (A saltwater crocodile at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Mutante))

Dutch tourist Cynthia Spaan was stuck in a perspex cylinder hanging above a saltwater crocodile for half an hour. She was taking part in the cage dive called "Cage of Death" at the Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia when the cage got stuck.

The Cage of Death is a popular tourist attraction in which a perspex cylinder containing up to two people is lowered into a pool with a large saltwater crocodile. Spaan was standing in the perspex cylinder, hanging above a very curious crocodile, for about 30 minutes before staff members finally managed to free her by suing a drill to take off the top of the cage, ABC News reports.

Spaan had to climb a ladder to get out of the cage. "She was being protected by blokes on either side to make sure she didn't fall into the water", witness Anson Segall told ABC News.

Spaan escaped the cage safe, but shaken. "In the beginning I thought it was really funny because I really wanted to do the cage dive so it was kind of okay", she said to the Australian news agency after her ordeal. "But after five minutes I started freaking out a little bit, because I'm a little bit claustrophobic."

The park's manager Chase Johnson told ABC News that Spaan at least got her money's worth, as the cage dive usually only lasts 15 minutes. "She still got to see her crocodiles as well", he said. "They were just waiting to see if there was something new coming to visit them in the pen."