Dutch start-up turning dorm room windows into billboard ads

Adhesive window ad (photo: Add My Window). (Adhesive window ad (photo: Add My Window))

Dutch start-up Add My Window offers individuals cash to put up adhesive advertisement on the windows of their homes. The founder of the enterprise, Roderick Adang, believes there are many individuals living in strategic points in the cities who are interested in using their windows as advertising space.

The company has a specific focus on student dormitories. Adang noted that last year, students were squeezed financially by the abolition of the student subsidy. At the same time, many dormitories are in central locations in major cities.

An individual who wants to rent out their window as ad space sends the location and the dimensions of the window to the company. Add My Window then ranks the window as A, B or C space. Given the dimensions of the window, the company then produces a tailored ad for the location, according to Z24.

The adhesive ad is then placed on the inside of the window. This is necessary to comply with municipal regulations. As long as the advertisement is inside the property, it is considered lawful. Add My Window has so far received 2,000 window applications. The company approved about 800.

Until now the start-up mainly attracted smaller local advertisers. Adang hopes to attract bigger companies by expanding to more location in the country. He is also planing to extend operations abroad, especially to Belgium.

The start-up currently has five employees besides the founder. The work is not labor intensive, says Adang. "Our computer system minimizes the work of man," he added.