Truckers boycotting drives to England amid refugee crisis

Refugees thank Amsterdam for its hospitality in televised ads (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube). (Refugees thank Amsterdam for its hospitality in televised ads (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube))

Transporters are refusing to drive to England. According to them, the increasing flow of refugees trying to reach England by truck via Calais has made the situation too dangerous, the Telegraaf reports.

"Every day we get reports from drivers who have also had to deal with aggressive behavior from refugees en route to Calais. In groups they try to force the driver to stop, after which the grab their chance to climb into the truck." Arthur van Dijk, chairman of the sector organization Transport and Logistics Netherlands, told the newspaper. "The stuation is unworkable, so intimidating and unsafe that it regularly happens that drivers no longer want to drive to England. I'm getting the same signals from our German sister organization BGL."

TLN wants an urgent meeting with State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice. "I call on the minister to ensure on the short term that drivers can safely do their job in Calais", Van Dijk said. TLN believes that countries are passing the problem from one country to another and now it has ended up in the transport sector. "The stowaway problem is a shared responsibility and must be addressed as such. Unfortunately we see that the authorities stand by and do not intervene while the situation deteriorates."