Limburg police continue motorcycle gang breakups

The Limburg police arrested two men in Oirsbeek on Wednesday night as part of the investigation focused on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. 

The arrests happened during a search of a building on Provincialeweg. According to the police, the investigation of the building was aimed at "the possible presence of weapons". It is not clear whether any weapons were found.

RTL Nieuws reports that the municipality of Schinnen launched an investigation last month after receiving indications that a chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle gang wanted to settle in a building on Provincialeweg Zuid in Oirsbeek. Whether the arrests took place in this building has not been confirmed.

The police also carried out inspections at several intersections in the area of Sittard-Geleen on Wednesday night. The police deployment was intended to "prevent serious disruptions of public order".

Tackling Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs is a high priority for the Limburg police, municipality and Public Prosecution. According to the police, members of these gangs are extensively involved in criminal activities involving weapons, drugs and intimidation. Last week Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes announced a plan to ban chapters of motorcycle gangs individually.