At least 29 prosecuted in Limburg teen prostitute case

The Public Prosecutor's office is pressing cases against at least 29 men for having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute in a Valkenburg, Limburg hotel. The men will appear in front of Maastricht Court between July 8 and 18, the public prosecutor reported.

Armin A. is accused of pimping the underage prostitute. So far, 61 men were questioned as suspects in the case for allegedly paying for sex with the underage girl in a room at the Hotel Botterweck. The men paid approximately 3,000 euros in total, of which a percentage went to A., prosecutor's allege.

More charges are still possible, as the results of five DNA cases are pending, and two or three suspects who still need to be questioned live outside of the Netherlands. Investigators still need to gather DNA from two suspects.

The Prosecutor is not sure how to proceed with few of the suspects. Some suspects have not been heard, since they are abroad, two suspects still need to take a DNA test and the results of five DNA tests are still unknown. Investigators allege that no less than 80 men had sex with the underage girl.

Two suspects in the case have committed suicide and 23 of the suspects have confessed and are expected to testify against Armin A.  The prosecutor modified charges against the main suspect in April.