Inequality growing in Amsterdam

There is a growing number of individuals with higher levels of income in Amsterdam, according to recent figures from the Amsterdam office for Research, Information and Statistics (O+S). At the same time, the share of middle-income population is declining.

The inequality in income is larger in Amsterdam than in the rest of the country, according to O+S. About 20 percent of the city inhabitants live on a low income, with the figure unchanged since 2011. At the same time, the share of high-income population rose over the same period from seven to 12.4 percent.

The increase in the number of people with higher income is related to a rise in the level of education in Amsterdam. More people remain in the city after completing their studies than previously. Also more wealthy citizens are moving to the capital in recent years.

There is also a growing disparity within the neighborhoods of the city, according to O+S. Living conditions in the Noord, Zuidoost and Nieuw West are considered increasingly unfavorable, whereas Center and Zuid are the only areas deemed good for living in Amsterdam.