"Brutal" armed robbery investigated in Amsterdam

An armed robbery of a home in the Geuzenveld district of Amsterdam early Friday morning left the two residents and their friends completely shaken up. The man and woman who live in the home said they have repeatedly faced harassment in their own neighborhood, they told AT5.

It started at 1:15 a.m. on the Abraham Kuyperplein when a doorbell rang. When the couple answered the door they were overpowered by three men who then forced their way inside and threatened the residents with a firearm.

While one robber held a gun to the man's head, another pushed the woman into a wall and shouted "you have to show me the safe!" The house alarm went off with the robbers inside, and combined with all the confusion the robbers grabbed what they could and quickly left.

The perpetrators fled by a white and grey moped wearing dark clothing. Police deployed a helicopter to try and find the suspects but to no avail. Police restricted the entire Abraham Kuyperplein immediately after the incident so that the criminal investigation team and the forensic investigators could conduct their research.

The couple are installing security cameras in light of what happened, saying someone also smashed their kitchen window last weekend. Friday morning's crime was "the most brutal robbery you can think to do, if you want to make someone's life miserable," the man of the hose told AT5.