Rocket launcher, grenades found in Hell's Angels investigation

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The police arrested a 33 year old member of the Haarlem chapter of the Hell's Angels on Wednesday for violating the Weapons and Ammunition Act. This arrest forms part of an investigation that the police launched in September.

When the investigation started, the police searched a house and a nearby shed on Lange Poellaan in Haarlem and found an arsenal of weapons. In the shed the police found a shotgun, rocket launcher, Uzi, grenades, ammunition and a number of cannabis cuttings. In the house they found several weapons, cash and stolen goods. A 53 year old man was arrested.

Further investigation revealed that the Hell's Angels member arrested on Wednesday can be linked with this arsenal of weapons. He is also a suspect in an assault in a pub in Heeskerk on December 27th last year.

The 33 year old Hell's Angel is in custody for further investigation.