Prison for woman who stole jewelry from dozens of elderly

Stolen cufflinks
Cufflinks stolen from an elderly home recovered after a 2014 arrest (photo: Politie)Cufflinks stolen from an elderly home recovered after a 2014 arrest (photo: Politie)

A woman charged with trying to steal jewelry from hundreds of retirement homes was sentenced on Tuesday to two and a half years in prison, with ten months probation. The court in Almelo also ordered the 31-year-old Amersfoort resident to pay 45,000 euros in damages to the dozens of elderly victims she is accused of robbed.

Patricia de R. went on a burglary spree across the country from March 2013 until July 2014, when she was finally caught. The Public Prosecution demanded a four year prison term, with a one-year conditional year.

The convict's husband received 180 hours of community service and a suspended prison sentence of four months for money laundering. Paying his addiction debts was the motive for stealing all the jewelry and he must also undergo treatment for his addictions. The gold trader who bought the stolen goods was sentenced to a year in jail, with the possibility of three month parole.