Dry, possibly sunny King's Day across the NL

King's Day (Picture: Twitter/@cessie)King's Day (Picture: Twitter/@cessie)

The Netherlands may have some good luck with the weather on King's Day today. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological institute expects it to be dry across the Netherlands, with a chance of sunshine in some places.

The northern parts of the country have clear skies, but cumulus clouds could form during the course of the day. The clear skies are expected to expand further inland during the day, but the southeast is likely to remain cloudy all day. Temperatures will be around 12 degrees.

RTL weather woman Amara Onwuka agrees that the cloudy weather in parts of the Netherlands will dissipate into sunshine in the course of the morning. "This afternoon the weather will be fine." she said, according to the newspaper. "There are some cumulus clouds inland, the west of the country will have the most sun. In Limburg the sun will only come out at the end of the afternoon."