Benefits agency UWV to lay off 300: report

The UWV building on Cascadeplein in Groningen
The UWV building on Cascadeplein in Groningen. Oct. 3, 2004FruugoWikimedia CommonsCC-BY

Benefits agency UWV is cutting several hundred jobs in the enforcement department as a result of a new work and security law. The new law dictates that some of the agency's processes be automated, reports De Telegraaf.

“Think, for example, of checking the revenue settlements of people getting unemployment benefits. That will be done automatically,” a spokesman for the agency is quoted saying.

Between 2016 and 2018, UWV will be forced to cut about 300 positions, not including redundant jobs. Some employees will leave through natural attrition. The company will assess if there is an appropriate vacancy within the company for other workers; if not, UWV will assist them with finding a job outside of the company.

The new law comes into force on July 1. It changes the firing procedure for temporary workers. As of July, they are entitled to a severance pay if they have worked with the company for two years. Labor union CNV already announced opening a hotline for those fired to supposedly circumvent the new legislation.