Rare ceremonial coin donated to Rijksmuseum

Rare ceremonial coin donated to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (picture: dnb.nl)Rare ceremonial coin donated to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (picture: dnb.nl)

A rare ceremonial coin commissioned for a 17th century wedding proposal was donated to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam by the Netherlands Central Bank, the bank announced on Tuesday. The piece goes on display starting Wednesday.

The coin is a rare example of a citizen portrait in numismatic art. Roobertus Jansen van Bant had his portrait made on the ceremonial coin by his friend, Abraham Jacobsz, to emphasize his marriage proposal to Grietie Popkes sometime around 1640. Her name and the date January 20th, 1641 is carved on the coin.

After the birth of their daughter Itien in 1642, her name and date of birth was carved on the reverse side of the coin, as well.

The coin was initially bought with the support of the Rembrandt Association at the Sotheby's auction for Koninklijk Penningkabinet in Leiden. It was transferred to Money Museum (GeldMuseum) and is currently part of the National Numismatic Collection managed by DNB. The Rembrandt Association supported the buying of the ceremonial coin on the condition that it remain visible to the public.