Dutch Central Bank

Jan 13 '17 14:10

Banks and trust companies can do much more to prevent corruption, such as money laundering and fraud, in football, the Dutch central bank DNB concluded after investigating how financial firms deal with the risk of shady practices in football, the Volkskrant reports.

Feb 26 '16 13:25

It is unrealistic to think that wages will increase in the near future, according to an article in the Dutch central bank DNB's magazine the DNBulletin

Feb 24 '16 12:55

The Dutch Central Bank DNB is considering moving its vault o a different location. The vault contains 189 tons of gold and an unknown amount of cash

Sep 7 '15 15:45

Migraines cost Dutch businesses 1.7 billion euros every year, according to calculations by the Dutch Central Bank. About 3 million Dutch people suffer from migraines, with more than 70 thousand people having an attack every day.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Aug 19 '15 13:32

The court has rejected the claim for severance pay from the former Dutch Central Bank employee who led a double life as a SM mistress. The woman firmly denies that she prostituted herself and demand 200 thousand euros in severance pay.

Apr 22 '15 06:30

A rare ceremonial coin has been donated to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and is visible to the public from April 22nd onwards, Dutch Central Bank (DNB) reports. The coin was initially bought with the support of the Rembrandt Association at Sotheby's auction for Koninklijk Penningkabinet in Leiden, from where it was transferred to Money Museum (GeldMuseum) and is now part of the National Numismatic Collection managed by DNB.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Apr 20 '15 08:43

Ludwina D., the Dutch Central Bank employee who was recently dismissed because of her second job as SM mistress, is also suspected by the municipality of Amsterdam of housing fraud. According to Het Parool, D. and her husband have been illegally renting out their apartment in the Red Light District.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Apr 14 '15 10:21

The majority of Dutch people think that the Dutch Central Bank employee who was caught living a double life as a BDSM mistress should be able to do what she wants after office hours.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Apr 13 '15 16:11

A Dutch Central Bank (DNB) official has been discovered living a double life as an exclusive sadomasochistic mistress for six years, Quote reveals. The bank cracked the whip and fired her after eight years of employment last October.

Jan 26 '15 10:42

Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), confirmed on Sunday that he voted against the exceptional support measures of the European Central Bank (ECB). He said this in the television program Buitenhof.

Jan 6 '15 08:45

Rotterdam police seized over €7 million in cash in 2014, with a considerable amount of the money taken from suspects running an underground banking system, police say. Seven couriers and illegal bankers were arrested in an operation assisted by the Dutch Central Bank.

Jan 23 '14 16:52

The parliament wants a debate on Thursday’s report on the nationalization of SNS REAAL.

Dec 16 '13 10:03

One percent of the Netherlands population uses Bitcoin to some extent, despite extreme price fluctuations, warnings from the Dutch Central Bank, and an increase in cases of theft and fraud of the digital currency, according to a new survey. The poll, conducted by Multiscope, also says 41 percent of the country has never heard of the alternative to traditional monetary instruments.

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