As Rijksmuseum gets busier, Dutch complain about tourists

Rembrandt exhibition in the Rijksmuseum (Photo: / Erik Smits)Rembrandt exhibition in the Rijksmuseum (Photo: / Erik Smits)

The Rijksmuseum exhibit The Late Rembrandt has already drawn about 400 thousand visitors. This is great news for the museum, but apparently not for some of the visitors. The museum has also receive hundreds of complaints about how the busy the museum is, especially from Dutch people.

This is according to Rijksmuseum director Wim Pibjes, who is absolutely absolutely thrilled that the exhibit has drawn so many visitors, Het Parool reports.

One visitor demanded his money back after a "bungled" morning of "look at pictures over each other's shoulders". Pijbes admits that it is busy, but not as busy as the Sistine Chapel or in front of the Mona Lisa. "Busyness is no measurable unit, but an experience." Pibjes said. "At large exhibitions abroad - but also at for example the Anne Frank House - there are ques at the door because there is no more space at the exhibition. Then you have to queue, yes. Good things are sold out."

The Stedelijk Museum is also dealing with crowds. This museum has come up with a plan to spread out the rush to popular exhibits. Visitors can now book the time they want to visit the museum online. They can then choose to come at another time if they see that many people have already bought tickets for that slot. They also have "hosts" walking along the ques and informing people how long it will take before they reach the front.