Photos, details of suspect wanted in NS conductor abuse case revealed

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Police released photos and video of oneof the four young men suspected of abusing a 48-year old NS conductor on Abcoude station on April 4th. The images come from security camera footage taken in the Holendrecht subway station where the suspect was later seen, a police press release states. 

The suspects were sitting on a train, without a valid ticket, between Utrecht and Amsterdam at approximately 5.40 a.m. The conductor gave the quartet a chance to step out at the Abcoude station and get their tickets validated, but the four returned to the train without checking themselves in. When the conductor denied them access back in the train, they allegedly beat up both the ticket inspector and a bystander who tried to help the railway worker. The first suspect is described as a young man with dark complexion and black hair, wearing a black, hooded jacket with a white shirt underneath. He also had a wound on his hand. The second suspect is also a young man with a darker skin tone, short black hair and dark clothing. This description applies for the remaining suspects as well.

Many witnesses have stepped forward since the attack with details of the perpetrators, which police say may lead to identifying the suspects. They may have attended a party at the Utrecht party and event location Central Studios before boarding the train. Another witness overheard four people at the Holendrecht station talking about a fight, where one of the suspects was caught on tape, police say.