Jihad suspect wants meeting with Dutch MP

Suspected jihadist Azzedine C., better known as Abou Moussa, wants PvdA parliamentarian Ahmed Marcouch to be questioned, his lawyer, André Seebregts said during a hearing in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

According to Seebregts, a witness said that Marcouch told him that a major investigation has been ongoing for a year and that C. would be arrested, AD reports. This happened a month before C. was arrested. Seebregts therefore wants to know how Marcouch came to know about this investigation. He also wants to find out how exactly Marcouch was involved in the investigation, because Marcouch is a member of a governing party. According to Seebregts, Marcouch previously expressed negative views on suspected jihadists.

Seebregts also stated that the same witness that told him about Marcouch also said he sensed an anti-Islam sentiment from the reporting officers. The lawyer is referring to a critical blog by National Police Chef Gerard Bouman, in which he expresses his concern about the negative attitude some police officers have towards Muslims. According to Seebregts, this witness is "no friend of C.", but came forward with this information anyway.

Azzedine C. is one of the suspects in the major jihadist investigation Context. He is accused of sedition and recruitment for the jihad. It was announced on Tuesday that the charges of defamation and incitement to hatred against Jews have been added against him.