Police hunt two in Eindhoven motorcycle gang shootout

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Police in the Netherlands released the names and photos of two men suspected of taking part in a motorcycle gang shootout last year. Jori Sven van Zanten and Sebastiaan ter Welleof are both believed wanted for questioning in the Eindhoven incident from October involving the No Surrender outlaw motorcycle gang. The suspects were recognized from surveillance footage police published after the shooting. Police warns that both van Zanten and ter Welle are possibly in possession of firearms.  Van Zanten is 25-years old with dark blonde or brown hair and blue eyes, where as ter Welle is 38-years old with bald head and brown eyes.

A 42-year old man from Eindhoven, a 34-year old man from Helmond and a 29-year old man without a permanent residence were previously arrested in the case. No Surrender's Netherlands chapter president, Klaas Otto, announced he would resign his position and cooperate with police after he was nearly assassinated in Belgium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfKKArtzbrc