Train staff attackers could spend 9 to 15 mos. behind bars

Two men accused of beating up two NS train workers appeared in court on Wednesday. The prosecutor demanded a sentence of 15 months in prison, five suspended, for 30 year old suspect Jean C., and nine months imprisonment, four suspended for the 20 year old, Andrino J.

Both men, from Rijssen and Schiedam respectively, could face an additional two years of probation. Court proceedings were translated into Papiamento for the Antillean defendants.

The two men started their train journey on December 2 by harassing a woman on the platform at the Rijssen train station, and then on the train to Almelo, police said at the time. The train’s conductor escorted the woman to another part of the train and reprimanded the men.

The got off the train in Almelo and allegedly jumped the conductor. While he laid on the ground, the suspects are accused of kicking and punching the conductor. When the train engineer tried to help he was also attacked, the prosecutor said. Both victims had injuries to the face and head.

Police arrested the suspects about a week after the incident.

The older suspect was charged with aggravated assault, theft and violently insulting the workers. The latter charge was for calling the conductor a “kankerracist” and a racist, according to court testimony. The prosecutor believes they proved a charge of attempted aggravated assault in the case of the younger suspect. Financial compensation to the victims was demanded from both suspects.

“The prosecution does not tolerate aggression and violence against public sector employees, such as railway employees, and takes this seriously,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. “We find this unacceptable.”