Pot plantation sparks €440,000 bitcoin investigation

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Police raided a house in Sneek, Friesland and arrested three people suspected of cannabis cultivation and money laundering last week. A financial investigation showed that two of the suspects received 440,000 euros in the virtual currency, Bitcoins, police states in a press release.  Police had information about possible cannabis cultivation in a house on Kaatsland and searched the house on Tuesday. Cash, jewelry, 135 cannabis plants, a fake weapon and farming equipment were seized in the raid. A 28-year old male resident and a 19-year old woman from nearby Ijlst were arrested. All plants, lamps, fans and filters were destroyed in consultation with the prosecutor. The house was also tapping electricity illegally. Police raided another house of a 29-year old man from Sneek and arrested the resident on Monday. They mainly confiscated computer equipment, but found a real firearm as well. The man is now suspected of money laundering and possession of illegal weapons. Both male suspects had cashed a large amount of Bitcoins, police say. The 28-year-old supposedly received 160,000 euros in Bitcoins, while the 29-year-old collected Bitcoins valued at 280,000 euros. It is yet unclear how the suspects managed to get to a such a large amount of virtual currency.