1400 kilos cocaine seized in Vlissingen ports

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Roughly 1,387 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of 69.4 million euros were seized in and around the ports of Vlissingen in 2014, police confirms.

The amount of cocaine found in 2014 marks a severe drop from 2013 when over 4500 kilograms were found.

In most cases the hard drug was intercepted from traders by customs working at the Zeeland municipality sometimes found in shipping containers packed with daily goods, like bananas.

Almost 1,200 kilograms of cocaine were seized in a single incident when a floating buoy was found in the Westerschelde at Borssele on December 9. Police arrested a suspect who remains in custody while the investigation continues.

A collaboration between different investigatory organizations including military police and customs has now been instigated in the Zeeland ports in a bid to bring the drug trade to a halt.