Known criminal slain in Amsterdam Zuidoost

Siegmar Flaneur (Photo: Politie). (Siegmar Flaneur (Photo: Politie))

Convicted criminal Siegmar Flaneur has been identified as the dead victim of the execution-style shooting in Amsterdam-Zuidoost at about 1:50 a.m. Wednesday.

The 24-year-old was shot by two unidentified perpetrators on the Leerdamhof, near the Gaasperplas, the police released.

The body was first discovered by a woman walking her dog about twenty meters away. Several bullet casings were found at the scene. The perpetrators most likely fled the scene on a moped, which was then discovered torched on Maldenhof.

The victim is featured on the police department's list of the Top 600 young and violent criminals in the city. Flaneur was previously convicted of several street robberies between 2010 and 2012 and an assault near Arnhem in 2012. He was also found drunk-driving without a license, causing accidents by driving and attempting to beat someone to death with a bottle in 2012. He has also previously been caught with amphetamines, wrote Het Parool.

Those who know the man describe him as leading a double life; one riddled with crime, and one as a friendly, quiet, baseball fanatic, the newspaper states.

"I know him as a very quiet boy who occasionally did stupid things," says Flaneur's lawyer, Jos Rijser.