Most Dutch prisoners have a non-Dutch parent

According to Statistics Netherlands, 62.8 percent of the people who were in prison in 2013 have at least one non-Dutch parent. Of all 17 million people living in the Netherlands, only 21.3 percent have a non-Dutch parent, a previous Statistics Netherlands report from early 2014 said.

The largest group of those consists of people from Moroccan origin - 10.6 percent of prisoners have at least one parent who was born in Morocco. The next largest ethnic groups of people in prison are from Surinamese  (9.7 percent), Antillean (8.3 percent) and Turkish (4.9 percent) descent.

Statistics Netherlands also announced that the growth rate of the Dutch population increased again in 2014. The population increased last year by 73 thousand people. Immigration increased to a record high of 181 thousand and the number of births increased for the first time in 5 years. The number of people who left the Netherlands remained about the same as last year.