Stabbed Amsterdam houseboat burglar in police custody

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A man alleged to be one of two violent intruders of a houseboat in Amsterdam's Zeeburg neighborhood Thursday night is under police custody. As of Monday afternoon, the suspect, identified as a 21 year old from Almere, remains in the hospital recovering from a stab wound.

Two intruders around 10:10 p.m. in what appears to be an attempted robbery, according to a police report. A struggle ensued with the home’s two 52-year-old occupants, leaving one with a head wound and the other “lightly wounded.”

The alleged burglars fled without stealing anything. As police agents reported to the scene, they received notice that one of the intruders might have checked himself into a hospital emergency room, where he was operated on for a stab wound. The man was later confirmed to be a suspect in the attempted robbery.

Only publically identified as a “21-year-old man from Almere,” the suspect remained on Monday afternoon under police custody at the hospital, Amsterdam police spokesperson Esther Izaks told NL Times.

A search for the other suspected burglar is underway, said Izaks, with “a number” of witnesses in the neighborhood being questioned.

The two houseboat occupants are “shocked but physically doing fine,” said Izaks.

The spokesperson said she did not know how the police were tipped off about the suspect's initial appearance at the hospital emergency room, but stressed that some information in the ongoing investigation would remain confidential.