Financial advisor, IT, teachers amongst top job opportunities in NL

A new list from career placement firm Randstad called "The Hottest Jobs in 2015" aims to give job seekers a new perspective on what the current needs are in the Netherlands.

Randstad hopes the published list will help employees who are dissatisfied with their current work find alternatives.

The list features 24 jobs across eight areas, indicating some of the best sectors to look for a job over the next three years. All 24 positions are either high in demand or have a predicted rise in demand between now and 2017, the company said.

"Everyone in the Netherlands knows IT workers are needed, but when you're in a field like that which is under pressure and always changing, it's easy to suddenly become under-qualified," said Randstad spokersperson Joost Heeroma to the NL Times. "This list makes it clear for people that they have other possibilities."

The eight areas in the list are Commercial, IT, Technical/Production, Education, Administration, Finance, Construction and Care.

There "is no surprise that there is a need for specialists and technicians," Randstad Netherlands Director of Labor Marjolein ten Hoonte said.

Last year, Dutch schools were in search of a record number of teachers, making it no surprise that the education sector is on the list. Vacancies at Master Course, one of the largest job sources for secondary education rose from 5500 in 2013 to 6500 in 2014, the Ministry of Education found.

Demand for teachers in science and languages exceeds the supply, and is expected to increase even further, reported.

The current state of the Dutch labor market necessitates this list and more awareness about changes in the job market. "There are 600,000 jobless and it is something the government has trouble with; how to make these people job ready," said Heeroma. "People need to follow trends, study modern requirements. It's very helpful to know your skills and to know what's available."

Randstad's Hottest Jobs of 2015:

Financial administrator
Assistant accountant
Staff administrator

Customer service representative
Technical & commercial entry-level worker

Building planner
Lead road and waterway engineer
Lead Engineer/ Lead Mechanical engineer

Science and Math teacher
Primary school teacher
Technical skill teacher

Physician’s assistant

Software engineer,
Help desk assistant
Web developer

Laboratory technician
Repair and service mechanic
Metal worker