Anti-Terror drill set for Eindhoven airbase

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A large coordinated counter-terrorism drill will take place Thursday morning in Eindhoven. The drill simulates a hijacking of a passenger plane, and makes use of two F-16 fighter jets as an escort.

The exercise includes the simulated hijacking of a KDC-10 transport plane, which will repeatedly circle above the Eindhoven airbase, followed by the scrambling of fighter jets. The transport aircraft will eventually land at Eindhoven with the F-16 jets helping to force the plane to land.

Part of the crisis management plan for the Eindhoven airport is “the obligation to practice hijacking/hostage scenarios,” the Marechaussee said in a statement. The Zuid-Oost Brabant Safety Region developed and maintained the crisis plan for the airport, the Marechaussee said.

“The purpose of the exercises from different scenarios is thus to prepare emergency services [and] public authorities in case of an emergency, and to be able to respond adequately should those events occur.”

Air traffic in the area is not expected to be affected.

It is a cooperative effort between the Royal Air Force, Marechaussee military police and the National Police, along with the Oost-Brabant district police and the Zuid-Oost Brabant safety region.