Flea market painting a Jan Steen worth €20,000

A Jan Steen painting was discovered during a valuation day in Beverwijk yesterday afternoon. The painting is estimated to be worth around 20 thousand euros, the appraiser, Jeroen Zoetmulder, said to RTV NH. The discovery was made by chance.

It is probably a very rare example. The painting, showing a partying man, is probably the smallest painting Jan Steen ever made. The painting is owned by a young couple, said Zoetmulder. "They first took outt a vase and a frame from the bag. And then suddenly came the painting."

The couple bought the painting for 5 euro at the Koningsdag market in Alkmaar last year. "Now that painting, conservatively estimated, is perhaps worth 20 thousand euros." Zoetmulder checked the painting in detail, along with fellow appraisers. "It is almost certainly a real Jan Steen", he said. A team of other experts will soon make the final decision.