Rotterdam mosque receives threatening letter

The Gultepe mosque in Rotterdam-Noord received a threatening letter this week. "You can not trust anyone anymore, so get out while you can, because death is in your mosque", a part of the text reads.

"You are the most ungrateful and disgusting people in the world", the anonymous writer states. "Own schools, shops, butchers because Dutch is not good enough for you cockroaches. It is done now. Go away if you want to live. Everyone hates you. You can not trust anyone."

The chairperson of the mosque has confirmed that the mosque received the letter, but did not want to comment. The threat was reported to the police. The police have taken the letter and are investigating.

Last week a Muslim man and his family from the Hague also received a letter containing death threats. This seems to be a direct response to the attacks in Paris. The letter writer threatens to decapitate the man and blow up his house if he does not "fuck off" within a week.