Jihadist killed in Belgium had fake Dutch passport

One of the two jihadists killed in the Belgian town of Verviers had a fake Dutch passport, reports Flemish broadcaster VRT. On Saturday, the broadcaster reported one of the jihadists to have been a Dutchman which was soon denied by the Dutch National Prosecutor's Office (OM).

The Belgian police shot two armed jihadists and arrested one on last Thursday in an anti-terrorist operation. The Belgian police reported that the operation prevented a terrorist act.

The police say they took action after cracking a secret code the three men used in their communication. Police found Kalashnikovs, hand guns, ammunition, police uniforms, a significant sum of money, explosives, fake documents and mobile phones from the defendants' apartment.

The men were staying in a secret address in Verviers but lived in Brussels, reports VRT.

The purpose of the possible attack was to hit police stations, courthouses and public roads.