I knew he would die like Van Gogh: Cartoonist's widow

The widow of Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor and caricaturist of satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, compares her husband's death to the murder of the Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh. Charbonnier was killed in the Charlie Hebdo shootings on January 7th.

"I knew he would die like Van Gogh", says the french widow Jeannette Bougrab in an interview on French TV channel BFMTV. The former State Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Community Life, adds that her husband died for his ideas and because of the drawings he made. She calls the killers "barbarians" and wants the satirical newspaper to continue its work despite the recent events.

Charbonnier's work included cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Theo Van Gogh was killed while on his way to his office by radicalized muslim Mohammed B. on Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam in 2004. Van Gogh directed a movie in 2004 which criticized the conditions of women in the islamic world and the usage of religion as an excuse for oppression of women.