Cities need a voice in climate debate: Sec. Mansveld

Not only countries, but also cities and companies should join in global climate negotiations. With that approach State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment is traveling to Peru next week, where the UN climate conference will be held.

"If you make arrangements with 195 countries, you will not get there", said Mansveld. "You need non-state actors - cities, you need businesses, you need everyone to get where you want to go." Mansveld points to the , in which cities and business participate to make agreements to improve the climate. A hundred companies have joined this coalition so far.

She disagrees with the criticism that the participation of companies stand in the way of a good approach to the climate problem. "Companies are companies. Everyone has their own interests. My goal is to give these interests course: all in the same direction. Sufficient CO2 reduction and a good future."

For her part, the State Secretary says companies may only join if they join the objectives. "I am confident that more and more companies - I see it in the Netherlands, but I also see it worldwide - will join. It is a course which can not be changed."