Fatal monster truck driver also struck crowd in drag race stunt

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The driver of a monster truck that crashed into a crowd leaving three people dead, also lost control of a race car and slamming into an audience, injuring six. The drag racing stunt happened four years earlier in Asten, Noord Brabant, according to television show Brandpunt Reporter. Set to broadcast Thursday night, the show tells the tale of one victim who was severely injured in the June 16, 2010 event, and had to undergo extensive surgery on her shoulder. The woman was incapacitated, resulting in a year of medical rehabilitation.

"He is clearly a repeat offender, who has previously caused accidents," injury claims expert Y. Drost told the broadcast. Drost wants to sue the driver on behalf of the survivors. "We are going to seize his personal belongings. He who does not listen, must feel." Witnesses also say Mario D. burned spectators in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong on September 2, 2011. Neither spectators nor the organizer of the 2010 event reported the incident to the police. The town of Asten also was not officially notified, the broadcast reportedly claims. Mario D. does not have liability insurance for the accident, the broadcast alleges.