Another 14 stolen rare birds recovered

In a raid on Friday, October 10th, the police found 14 of the 36 birds stolen from the bird park Avifauna in Alphen in a barn in Den Bosch.

A number of the birds are in critical condition, one bird died. The birds were stolen from the bird park in mid-September. A number of rare birds were among the stolen birds, such as toucans, hornbills, cockatoos, collar parrots, king shine starlings and Dumont Beo's.

Some of the stolen birds were found late September in Nijmegen. The police also found one bird in a garden in Den Bosch. These birds have already been returned to the bird park.

The police are still looking for 19 missing birds.

The park has offered a reward of 5 thousand euro for the golden tip that leads to the stolen birds and the perpetrators. Thus far no arrests have been made.