Increased security at Jewish sites in Holland

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Extra security is on display today at Jewish historical locations, institutions and sites of worship across Noord and Zuid Holland. In addition to the police monitoring of locations in Amsterdam, Dick Schoof, National Coordinator of Counterterrorism and Safety (NCTV), said security will also be stepped up in the Hague and Rotterdam.

“These measures are taken on the basis of information that comes from the continuous monitoring of the situation,” a NCTV spokesman told Elsevier. The representative declined to provide further information about ongoing investigations or surveillance targets.

Dutch police units are in place around-the-clock at Amsterdam synagogues, and historical locations like the Anne Frank House and the Esnoga Portuguese synoguge. Police increased their visibility at locations in Amsterdam after a brutal assault of the Jewish Museum in Brussels over the summer, where four people were killed.

Prosecutors charged 29-year-old French Algerian Mehdi N. with the shootings in Belgium. He is accused of fighting with Islamist rebels in Syria in 2013 before returning to Europe.

Mehdi N. has said he is not guilty of the murders.