Another grocer drops factory farmed chicken

Supermarket chain Jumbo has announced that factory farmed chickens will stop being sold in stores at the end of next year, Omroep Brabant reports. 

From next week onwards, Jumbo will start replacing these factory chickens with meat that comes from a breed that grows slower. These chickens are given several more days to live, and have access to more room, sunlight and distracting materials like hay bales.

Factory farm chickens are packed into one square meter 21 chickens at a time. The new standard chickens at Jumbo will have a square meter of space per 14 chickens. Customers will have to pay €1 extra for these standard chickens.

The meat will get an extra 'Better Life' star from the animal protection organization Dierenbescherming. The organization says it is a step forward.

Wakker Dier, watchdog for animal cruelty, says that Jumbo is also showing leadership. The standard chicken from Jumbo is not exactly up to the best standards, as they are not allowed outside.

Wakker Dier is still arguing with Albert Heijn about their 'hundred percent responsible chicken', which the organization says is falsely advertised.