more space

Feb 8 '16 15:20

Unrest, too little space and bad attitudes are the main reason Dutch people considering emigration are leaving the Netherlands to live abroad, according to a study done by the Emigration Fair.

Nov 19 '14 11:08

There is good news for passengers flying economy class - KLM will soon be using a new, better and more spacious chair.

Broiler chicken
Oct 3 '14 10:50

Supermarket chain Jumbo has announced that factory farmed chickens will stop being sold in stores at the end of next year, Omroep Brabant reports.

Nassau Dietzkazerne
Jun 25 '14 09:46

The asylum seekers' center in Budel, Brabant, is filling up fast. The Nassau Dietzkazerne barracks has a maximum capacity of 1200 people. At the moment, more than 1100 refugees live there, meaning the center administrators have to look for a new location to accommodate the overflow.

Arke 787
Jun 11 '14 11:54

The maiden flight of the new Dreamliner aircraft scared a good few people in various places in The Netherlands on Tuesday. The Boeing 787 from Arke was spotted over Vlijmen, Den Bosch and Eindhoven.

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